Muslims in America: Seven Centuries of History (1312-2000)

Author: Amir Muhammad
An Eye-opening survey of Muslim American history dating back before Columbus.


Muslims (Slave) Uprising of 1835: Slave Rebellion in Brazil

A remarkable event in history that provided the impetus for the eventual ending of slavery in the Americas. Inspired by Islamic teachings, African Muslim slaves faced intimidation, spoke out about their lives and lead an uprising that changed the world.



Author: Edward Wadie Said
CERIS Faculty Readers' Forum choice for February 8, 2007.


Science in Medieval Islam

Author: Howard R. Turner
This book offers a fully illustrated, highly accessible introduction to an important aspect of Islam's Golden Age - the scientific achievements of medieval Islam.


Teaching About Islam and Muslims in the Public School Classroom

The Council on Islamic Education was founded in 1991 to provide academic support and scholarly resources about Islam and Muslim history to K-12 textbook publishers, educators, and others. We went on to cultivate expertise in world history and teaching about world religions, producing assessments of national and history-social studies state standards, training thousands of teachers, publishing high-quality teaching materials, and reviewing numerous social studies textbooks.


What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam

Author: John Esposito
Esposito presents in question-and-answer format the information about Islam that people most want to know. One of the three books used for the introduction of Pitt's Fulbright Hays study tour for high school teachers in 2009 to Egypt. Link to PDF of book below. An accessible book for high school students.


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